RockBats - RB TT2 Series

This is a bat model that was ordered by Troy Tulowitzki during Spring Training 2011.  It has a standard knob and tapers smoothly to a bulb-shaped barrel.  This has a larger barrel diameter than the 2.25" little league bats - and thus,  has been very popular with players in the high-school age range.

Every RockBat has the Major League ink spot on the handle and the sweet spot identification on the barrel. Coaches can utilize these features as an excellent teaching tool when discussing wood bats with young players.

Be sure to review our Quality Warranty -  click here.    We CAN assure professional-grade wood and quality craftsmanship in our RockBats, because we can control the quality that we send out.   However, if we send out bats with professional-grade wood, we cannot warranty against breakage.  Please click on the above link to understand what our Quality Warranty covers - and to also understand what is a replaceable bat.

Bat Dimensions

Barrel Size: Large
Handle Size: Medium
Knob Design: Small Knob
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$79.95 - RB TT2 (Solid Maple)

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